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The science of understanding the depths of the present, past, future are hidden in the hand lines is called palmistry, its roots are found in Indian astrology in the samudrik texts, whose history is more than 2000 years old.

The Indian method of palmistry has a special description of age line, mother line, father line, fortune line, money line, honor line, health line, marriage line, child line and 32 special signs, closely related to palm lines and signs.  Palm reader shares the information of the successful, unsuccessful and average time to guide the person after inspection.

Age Line – Modern palmistry with it is called the heart line, but in Indian astrology, age is determined by this line, there is a proof of age of 25 years under each finger.

Mother Line – The modern palm line with it is called the brain line, but in Indian astrology, this line determines the mother, wealth, intellectual development and ritual activity.

Father line – Modern palmistry with it is called Jeevan Rekha, but in Indian astrology, this line determines the time of father and the opportunity and loss in life.

Luck Line – This line starts from Maniband, Chandra Parvat, Rahu area, Mother Line or Heart Line, the time line will be clear and beautiful for the person in which age is equally successful.

Fame line – This line is called Surya Rekha, it is clear and long in very few hands, this line tells about the interest of the person in religion and the fame found in life.

Marriage Line – This line appears as a small horizontal line under the albino finger, sometimes it is present in more than 1 number, which shows love relations.

Child line – This line is present above the marriage line, apart from this, the child is determined from the yaw appearing at the root of the thumb.




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